Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blogging, The Phenomenon

The Internet brings out the best and worst in a lot of people. But it also brings out the mediocre, the boring, and the strange. I've found myself recently caught up in the "social networking" phenomenon, and this appears to be yet another extension of it. I was finally drawn into Facebook a few months ago, purportedly to keep in touch with friends, then more recently into LinkedIn, ostensibly to help me advance my career. Now, with no other recourse for all the thoughts filling my head, I have begun a blog.

Oh, I can talk to people, certainly; I'm married, and I can easily talk to my wife. However, nothing seems to have the irresistible appeal of a blog when it comes to making your thoughts available. I believe that has something to do with the fact that I can actually complete my thoughts with no worry of interruption. I can easily be taken off on a tangent, and forget the point I was trying to make. Here, I can say whatever comes into my head, and while I will get responses, it will only be after I've made my case, and I can freely ignore any of them if I don't care to address it. We'll see how long this holds my attention. It is the Internet, you know. If social networking has taught me anything, its that my patience for these things wears thin after a while. I used to check Facebook every day; now, I only remember it if I get an e-mail for some reason. So, if posts get sporadic, and for some reason people begin following this blog, don't get discouraged. I'll get back to it. Someday, maybe.

Peace and love,

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